Canvas Boxing Ring Cover


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Numerous sports facilities prefer canvas covers as an alternative option for boxing rings covers because they are considered top of the line material. Professional grade tarp boxing ring covers have a soft, sturdy grip. This makes them the optimal choice for boxing and martial arts. High-quality canvas is a popular choice when it comes to coverage with a natural fiber look. The construction of heavy-duty canvas produces lasting and durable wear with lightning quick action. A boxing ring canvas cover, constructed from 100 percent cotton duck canvas, is customizable in different sizes and shapes.

Canvas is less slippery than other materials, making it preferred over other types for safety reasons. They are excellent for covering boxing ring floors, martial arts mats and wrestling ring floors. Extra thick, heavy-duty brass grommets are spaced every 12 inches, allowing you to tie the cover safely with nylon tie-down lash cord. Reinforced double needle lock stitch seams ensure that even with repeated, extreme and heavy use the cover will not tear. Double French seams are smooth, flat and provide wrinkle-free action. Cutouts with hook and loop closures are available to fit around vertical posts. Canvas material maximizes safety while allowing for a safe and functional environment. Our extensive range of professional covers meets manufacturing standards best suited for your boxing rings. Contact us to learn more details or for additional information about our products.


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