Pro Boxing Rings

BoxingRing.COM your one stop shop for all your Boxing and Martial Arts needs. If you ever need a competition ring, our boxing rings are engineered to last over 50 years. Each and every boxing ring is evaluated to meet the requirements for competitions approved by USA Boxing Commission and also by California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization (C.A.M.O.) All of our fighting rings and MMA Cages are made "on-site" and all raw materials are from the USA, none of the parts are imported. Each and every weld is inspected to perfection. Unlike the "other companies" our rings includes the wood for the Boxing Rings and MMA cages. We have a broad variety of floor and elevated boxing rings and cages, all of the rings and cages are manufactured to the requested specifications of WBC, WBA, IBF, USA Boxing, A.I.B.A., C.A.M.O. and all State Boxing Commissions. boxing ring also manufactures "custom made" floor, display, and elevated MMA Cages and Boxing Rings that may or may not be approved by any of the governing bodies of MMA and Boxing Commissions depending on the custom request. Forget distributors and save a fortune by purchasing your Boxing Rings and MMA cages from the manufacturers directly!